Chrome’s newest update organizes search results into a handy sidebar

Chrome’s new sidebar feature, introduced by Google, is meant to improve search efficiency without requiring the user to switch tabs or return to the previous page.

Chrome now has a brand new function that was just implemented by Google that is ideal for conducting extensive searches. In addition to that, it included a price tracking function within its desktop browser.

A recent post on the site of the search engine giant describes how the new feature operates. When a user clicks on a search result, they will be redirected to the webpage that corresponds to that result. On the address bar, you will then see a Google button with the text “Open search in side panel.” If the user clicks that, a sidebar will pop up and reveal the search page they were on previously when they clicked it. The user can then select other results by clicking on them, and those selections will load in the primary window of the tab. They also have the option of conducting fresh searches on their own if they so choose.

This tool, which works in a way similar to the sidebar in Microsoft Edge, will prove beneficial when assessing your search possibilities. As a writer, I can utilize this function to quickly find the most comprehensive explanation of a term or idea I’ve encountered, without having to repeatedly hit the back button.

According to the company’s explanation, the side panel can be accessed by typing a query into the search box, pressing the enter key, and then selecting an item from the list that appears. From that point on, the address bar will feature a “G” logo. Your search results will be displayed in the sidebar when you click the G.

Chrome has had a sidebar like this before. For its part, Google introduced a feature in March that allows users speedy access to their bookmarks and Reading List.

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