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Cloudfare outage affects global websites


Cloudfare outage

Canva, Quora, and Discord are just some of the websites that have been temporarily inaccessible to users all around the world as a result of an outage caused by Cloudflare.

On June 21, 2022, an issue with the content delivery network Cloudflare, which is utilised by a great number of businesses, caused a number of websites all around the world to become inaccessible.

According to Downdetector, an online platform that provides users with the real-time overview of issues and outages at various websites and services, the effect of the internet Cloudflare outage was felt by the users of some of the key hotspots of internet traffic, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Twitter, Zerodha, Shopify, Discord, and Canva. This information was obtained from the users of Downdetector.

It has been reported that Cloudflare has been working hard over the over the last 18 months to convert all of its largest locations to an architecture that is more flexible and resilient.

At least 19 of Cloudflare’s data centres were hit by the outage, which affected “a large amount of our global traffic,” the company stated in a statement. “Even though these areas are only 4% of our entire network, the outage impacted 50% of total requests,” the company wrote in a blog post.

In a tweet, Cloudflare acknowledged the problem and stated that company was working on a solution. All websites affected by the problem appear to be back to normal.

How many sites were affected by this incident?

Outage reporting website DownDetector had stated that reported outages included Discord, Zerodha, Shopify, Amazon Web Services, Twitter, Canva, and even popular battle royale shooting title Valorant and open world game Genshin Impact.

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In addition to Udemy and Crunchyroll, other websites such as Splunk, Quora, and Crunchyroll were inaccessible. WazirX, Coinbase, FTX, Bitfinex, and OKX are just some of the cryptocurrency exchanges that were impacted. The majority of these websites are now operational and available to visitors.

An additional layer of routing that generates a network of links is an essential component of this newly designed architecture. According to the internet infrastructure provider, Cloudflare, this mesh makes it possible for the company to quickly stop and re-enable various components of the internal network within a data centre in order to do maintenance or address a problem.

According to, the online shopping services provided by were unavailable for thousands of customers on June 13 of this year.

Fastly, the company that was behind the issue, stated that the major global internet outage that occurred on June 9 of the previous year was caused by a bug in its software that was triggered when one of its customers changed their settings. This statement was made in reference to the incident that took place on June 9. The outage caused many people to question the degree to which the internet is dependent on a small number of infrastructure businesses. Due to a difficulty with Fastly, many high-traffic websites were offline, including news outlets such as The Guardian and The New York Times, websites belonging to the British government, Reddit, and

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