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How To Create Google Web Stories In WordPress Step By Step Guide 2023

How To Create Google Web Stories In WordPress

How To Create Google Web Stories
How To Create Google Web Stories

Google always releases new features, applications, software and new updates to improve their experience. Similarly, in 2018 Google has introduced a new feature called Google Web Stories, which is a new way to generate traffic from Google to the website.

What Is Google Web Stories And How To Create It In WordPress

Google Web Stories, a visual storytelling format, it was launched in the name of Stories of the Web in 2018. This is not that attractive feature for corporate website and business website but if your website is related to Blogging, Beauty, Fitness, Affiliate, Celebrities, Wellness, Entertainment, and Opinion. etc., then you can use it to engage your user.

Google Web Stories is an engaging content medium that targets mobile phones. The web story is in portrait form just like other stories. And instead of text, colourful images, background, animation of the image and depends on the video which will be visible to the users in Google’s search results.

The story published in Google Web Stories will be visible in Google Images, Google Discover and Google Apps, which will get you traffic. When users tap on it, this story will come on the full screen of their mobile and they will be able to experience it.

The maximum word length in every Google Web Story is 10 and your web story should have at least 5 pages and maximum 30 pages. And you can add only one link to a web story.

How To Create A Google Web Stories In Your WordPress Website

 Step 1: First you have to login to your WordPress dashboard. After that you have to search Google web story by clicking on add new Plugin, you will get it in the first itself, install it and activate it.

Step 2: After activating the plugin, click on Settings of Google Web Story. There you will get 3 – 4 settings, in which you upload the logo first. at least 96×96 px and aspect ratio of 1:1. The logo should be in square shape and the background should not be transparent.

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Step 3: Once you have uploaded the logo, then you can set other settings according to you. Well there is no need for the rest of the setting. Simply enter the Google Analytics tracking code.

Step 4: To create a new story, you can simply click on create story. If you want to use a template, then click on Explore Template. Here you will get many templates, by editing which you can create a good story.

Step 5: Click on Publish button.

When you click on Publish after creating the story, then your story will go to different platforms of Google.

If you have got the approval of Google News on your website, then your story will be published there as well.

If you want later, you can also embed your story by copying the Embed code of the web story in any of your articles. This is exactly like embedding a YouTube video.

If you want to add videos to your Google Web Stories, you need to keep the following steps in mind:

Length: The length of your video should not be more than 15 seconds.

Frame: Your video should be in Portrait Mode and not in Landscape Mode. If your video will be in Portrait Mode then only Google will be able to show your video well on the full screen in the phone.

Subtitles: Captions should be with your every video so that the user can read the captions along with watching your video.

Captions have been made mandatory in every video because many times the user is in a public place or some such place where he cannot listen to your video loudly.

Text: Google has set a minimum font size requirement of 24 on each of your pages and there should not be more than 200 characters on each of your pages.

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How Long Do Your Google Web Stories Live?

Your Google Web Stories last a lifetime. As it does not happen in other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc.

Your web story lasts until you delete it yourself or Google deletes it for some other reason. The timing of the rest of the social media story is limited to 24 hours.

What Are The Benefits Of Google Web Stories?

There are many benefits of Google Web Stories which are given below:

Content: Google has tried to make the story as easy as possible to make. With which you can easily create a good and engaging content.

Sharing: Whatever story you create and publish in Google Web Stories, anyone can easily share it and embed it on your Apps and Websites.

Performance: You can track and analyse the performance of your Stories.

Fast Loading: Google Web Stories loads very fast, which does not spoil the user’s experience.

Storytelling: Web stories are a modern and good way to reach your readers and present your content easily to them.

Flexible: The layout templates, UI controls, and components of Google Web Stories, which are used to share stories, etc., are all flexible.

Best Layout: Its layout makes Google Web Stories flexible and attractive.

How To Earn Money From Google Web Stories?

There are several ways to monetize Google Web Stories which are listed below:

Story Ad: These are single page ads which are shown on full screen in the middle of the story.

As we monetize our blogs through Google AdSense, similarly these Story Ads will monetize Google Web Stories.

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Because Google Web Stories is a product of Google, the ads that will be shown in it will be shown through Google Ad Manager and Google DV360 (Beta).

About which we will know more information after the well-launched Google Web Stories plugin.

Affiliate Links: You can also give your affiliate link in your stories to monetize them, but right now in beta version we can add only one link to our whole story.

Going forward, Google may allow us to add more than one link.

Article Promotion: You can bring traffic to your article from your web story. If you have designed your story well, then you can also convert it into leads by bringing traffic to your article.

Can We Create Google Web Stories Only In WordPress?

You can create Google web story on both WordPress and Blogger. In WordPress, you have create a story with the help of Google Web Story and MakeStories plugin.

And to create a story in Blogger, you can create a Google web story with the help of a website called MakeStories. Just signup and login and create your web story and publish it comfortably.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Google Web Stories?

Google Web Stories is a trusted product of Google in which audio, video, text, animation, images etc. can be used to attract the user.

  • Does AMP and Non-AMP page show in Google Web Stories?

Ans. Yes, in Google Web Stories, both non-AMP and AMP pages show as well as rank.

  • What is the image size in Google Web Stories?

Ans. Image size to create Google Web Stories should not be less than 643×853 px.

  • How to earn money from Google Web Stories?

Ans. Yes, Google Web Stories is made to earn money and to show its ability to the people. You can earn thousands – lakhs of rupees by putting affiliate links or AdSense ads in it.

  • When did Google launch Google Web Stories?

Ans. Google’s Web Stories was launched in 2018.

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