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No Service Validity Means Complete Guide 2022

What is No Service Validity Means in VI


A lot of people are confused about No Service Validity and related issues because, in June 2021, Vodafone Idea (VI) and Airtel entirely discontinued some of their plans and modified some plans.

If you’ve ever worried about “No Service Validity Means” or “No Outgoing SMS,” today you may recharge your mobile phone by using the My Jio Application, My Airtel Application, or Vodafone-app, Idea’s in which you come by writing this term, “No Service Validity,” then today we will know about this.

Each time a customer recharges his or her mobile device, the validity period increases by a couple of days. Even if there is still credit in the mobile’s account when its validity expires, the user will be unable to make or receive calls. Vodafone Idea No Service Validity is a term that applies in this context, and its meaning may be found in this article.

What is No Service Validity Means?

Many mobile users are probably aware of the term “No Service Validity” because telecom companies provide information to their customers on only one word validity, which we are aware of.

No Service Validity

When a recharge plan is marked as “No Service Validity,” it means that the balance can be used, but the plan cannot be used to make calls. For this reason, it makes sense that both Vodafone and Idea use Sim Cards. The customer must remember what the VI No Service Validity means

When the customer Vodafone Idea which we know as VI. The company has released two different plans for when you decide to recharge it. Plan options include 20, 28, 56, and 365 days of validity after a recharge. There is another plan in which the customer gets money on recharging but does not get validity.

No Service Validity: Why Did It Come?

Around the 20th of June 2021, Airtel discontinued a number of its plans, including 45, Rs 49, and others, and it eliminated Service Validity from its most popular data plan, 48.

You’re probably still asking why they did this, and the answer is that the Mobile Number Portability (MNP) offer is now being promoted by all operators, allowing customers to transfer their phone numbers to another operator. This means that if you switch jobs but keep the same phone number, you are technically working for a different firm.

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What does no service validity means in VI (Vodafone Idea)

Now that the public is aware that Vodafone and Idea have combined into one company, they will have an idea of what has happened. For this reason, we are familiar with their SIM card by the name of VI. Everyone who has a Vodafone or an Idea SIM card in their phone. He is now going by the name VI. So here we are getting information about what does no service validity means in VI?

The recharge VI page displays various plans available for purchase. Which shifts with the following cost. Such as ₹ 219, ₹ 179, ₹ 666, etc. The validity and access to the internet are both included in these top-ups. There are three different validity options in the recharge plan: 28 days, 28 days, and 84 days, as seen in the image below.

What does no service validity means in VI

Whenever a customer makes any of these recharges. As a result, users gain access to yet another crucial feature in addition to their internet data, unlimited calls, and validity, which is the specified number of days. That recharge will last only for that number of days.

That introduces a new type of recharge known as a VI No Service Validity Recharge, which applies to any customer who does one of the above recharges but whose service has since expired. They get money in the phone after recharging it, but they can’t use it to make calls or send texts. Every time you top off, you’ll get a tag saying “No Service Validity,” as shown in the image.

No Service Validity

What Does “VI No Service Validity Means” Mean? This is a recharge plan that does not include any form of validity of any kind. Customers are responsible for these recharges in the event that they find out about the situation by accident. Therefore, it will not work after you have recharged it, ensuring that one validity recharge is not completed.

VI Mobile Recharge: How many types of Service Validity

Here you will get detailed information about it, how many types of recharge validity are there and what do they mean?

  1. NA Service Validity
  2. No Service Validity
  3. Service Validity
  4. Existing Service Validity

NA Service Validity

The concept behind NA Service Validity is that if a recharge does not have service validity, it would be labelled consequently. All of the additional VI recharges go into one of these categories. All of the small recharges performed in this instance would come under this category.

NA Service Validity

For some recharges, the customer will see the letters “NA,” which stands for “Not Applicable.” Those who pay in less cash will still be able to get some cash out, so long as they recharge their phones.  So features like phone calls and messages can be used. These recharge coupons must have been seen in the form of their long time back.

No Service Validity

Many recharges in Vodafone Idea’s system come into the “No Service Validity” category because they do not provide any form of validity. Customers can take advantage of this if they have a valid recharge but no remaining balance on their phone.

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No Service Validity

That’s why it’s possible to recharge so cheaply. We can see in the picture how to recharge 50 and 100 rupees at the spot where we were notified about VI No Service Validity.

Service Validity

A Recharge with Service Validity is a term used to describe a situation in which a company’s recharge plan includes a period of time during which the customer’s service will be active. In the telecommunications industry, companies like it when their customers reload with service validity, which gives them at least 20 more days of service after the first recharge.

Service Validity

It is in this context that telecom companies have been known to introduce several types of plans for their customers, including unlimited calling, high-speed internet, SMS, and even benefits like Vodafone Idea’s VI Movies, where users may watch Bollywood and Hollywood movies.

Existing Service Validity

In the situation where there is already a recharge in the phone, it can be used with an existing plan. As a result, one can make use of it; hence, its term is called Existing Service Validity.

Its validity gets added to the validity of the earlier recharge plan. In such a situation, people use it the most for internet data packs. When you do a big recharge of your VI SIM card, you get 1 GB or 2 GB of internet daily. In such a situation, sometimes there is a need for more internet, so for this, a recharge is required.

which does not affect the previous recharge of the customer’s SIM card in any way, and when the new recharge is done, it should be linked with the old plan. For example, if there is a need for extra internet, then the customer gets 8 GB of data on recharging of  151 for this. In such a situation, it will be added to the daily recharge that is already received.

Service Validity Vs. No Service Validity: What’s The Difference?

Service Validity No Service Validity
Unlimited data plans have daily limits. The data pack has no daily limit.
Recharge plans have an expiration date. It has no validity and no expiration date.
Keep incoming and outgoing calls on. Without a service validity plan, it can’t perform any services.
The plan included both data and calling. Talk time or data pack only.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)-

What is a No Service Validity Recharge?

No Service Validity is such a recharge plan, after which there must be a recharge with any validity service on your SIM card. Jio, Vodafone, and Airtel all offer such a recharge, which you can only use while your SIM card’s services are active. If you receive a recharge of any recharge plan or internet plan with no service validity, you will only be able to use that plan for as long as your Sim’s service is active; after that, you will no longer be able to use it.

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What is the NA Service Validity Recharge plan?

NA means Not Applicable Validity. Those are called NA Service Validity Plans, whose validity is unlimited. In this case, the company gives you the main balance after deducting its service charge from whatever you recharge.

What is No Outgoing SMS Recharge?

No Outgoing SMS means that regardless of how much you recharge, only SMS will be received in your Sim, but you will be unable to send SMS to anyone.

What is Service Validity Recharge?

If you wish to keep the calling and internet facilities of any SIM card, you will need to recharge it with service validity in order to maintain those facilities.

What is Existing Validity?

This means that if you recharge any data plan on yourself, the additional data pack will last for as long as your regular active plan runs. Simply put, what does it mean to have “existing validity”? I would have gotten it.

Which VI (Vodafone Idea) service validity plans are available?

A variety of Vi (Vodafone Idea) service validity recharge plans are available, each with its own duration of service. To learn more, check out the Vodafone Idea (VI) Service Validity page.

How to Find the Best Vodafone Idea Recharge Plan |

  • Visit the official website of VI.
  • After this, go to the Prepaid Option of the webpage.
  • After that, click on Prepaid Plans.
  • After that, the list of best recharge plans will start to appear.
  • Select your circle from the above options.
  • After this, you can see your best plan.

What exactly is a SIM validity recharge?

There is an expiry date on every prepaid pack, after which the pack’s value is exhausted and the account’s features are no longer accessible. If your SIM card’s expiry date is nearing, you can keep using your phone without interruption by selecting a Vi (Vodafone Idea) SIM validity recharge. These validity recharge packs can be used to make calls with costs dependent on the pack’s value, and they can also be used to renew the plan’s validity term.

What do you mean by “outgoing validity” and “incoming validity”?

“Outgoing validity” and “incoming validity” are terms that describe how many days a prepaid recharge pack can be used to make and receive voice calls.

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