Snapchat Plus Users Can Publish Week-Long Stories And Set Custom Alerts For Friends

Snapchat is available as a mobile application for both Android and iOS smartphones. Over the past few years, Snapchat has seen significant development. Because of the frequent updates, the app no longer looks or functions the way it once did.

Due to the rapid rate at which Snapchat introduces new features and updates within the app, it can be challenging to remain current with how Snapchat really functions.

Snapchat has just introduced a new feature called Snapchat Plus, which requires users to pay for a membership in order to access it. The software has already been successful in getting millions of users to sign up for Snapchat Plus subscriptions.

Users with the Plus subscription can now decide when their Snap Story disappears. Now, when sharing a new snap, Plus users can choose to make it available to their friends and family for one hour or up to a week.

One of the more exciting features of the update is the ability to assign an unique sound to every friend, making it possible to tell who snapped even while the screen is off. There isn’t a way to add your own sound effects at the moment, but you do get seven different sounds to explore with.

Plus members also get access to a variety of camera frames and borders. There are now just 8 colour combinations to choose from when creating a border. A more polished look for the snapshot is possible with these borders.

Also, during the month of October, you can use one of three special Halloween-themed Bitmoji backgrounds. Despite the positive news for Snapchat’s user base, the firm recently announced that it will fall short of its quarterly revenue objective. The developers now aim to add three alternative Halloween backgrounds to the application.

Snapchat Plus is an option worth exploring for those who are always looking for more features to add to their apps. At the moment, Snapchat Plus may be accessed in 170 countries for a monthly charge of over $4.

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