LG Launching Tone Free T90 Earbuds

By: Akash Gokhe

LG's new headphones have head-tracking spatial audio.

The Tone Free T90s are the company's flagship pair.

The UVnano charging case, which kills bacteria, is still available.

LG's press release says the noise-canceling T90s have bigger drivers for richer bass.

LG's T90 earbuds

Dolby Head Tracking is supported across content and devices.

Dolby Head Tracking adjusts sound when users move their heads for a natural sound experience.

Listeners will feel immersed in music, movies, streaming programmes, and video games.

The longest battery life and the highest frequency range.


The Contender

T90s are the first wireless earphones with a Dolby audio virtualizer developed for earbuds, which improves immersion and dimension.

LG hasn't said how much the earbuds cost, but they'll be available in September.