Twitter's "Live Audio" tab now includes podcasts

By - Akash Gokhe

Twitter announced on Thursday that it would begin integrating podcasts into the updated Spaces feature of its app, which enables users to have live audio conversations.

Global English-speaking users of iOS and Android may now access the updated Spaces, which includes podcasts. Users are encouraged to provide input on Twitter's new capabilities.

According to Twitter, the Spaces tab is for users who want more space to write than is allowed in a standard tweet (now 280 characters).

According to a statement released by Twitter, the new tab will feature customised "hubs" that categorise audio content into subcategories, such as news, music, and sports.

There will be a greater variety of live and recorded Spaces available to listeners, allowing them to choose conversations about themes of particular interest to them.

Podcasts can be rated by users with a "thumbs up" or "thumbs down," and the results are used to improve user suggestions.

Instead of trying to compete with Spotify and Apple Podcasts, Twitter looks to be taking a Pandora-like approach.

The company has not specified when it will make the podcast connection available to all users, despite the fact that it claims 45 percent of its U.S. customers are also regular podcast listeners.