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What Are Labels In Blogger And How to Add Them In Blogger [Complete Guide 2023]

What Are Labels In Blogger


The labels used in Blogger Blog Posts will be covered in detail in this article, which will take you through the process from start to finish. Learn what are labels in Blogger and how to categories each post on your blog according to the category it belongs to in this article.

What Are Labels in Blogger

Labels are a convenient way to categories our blog content in Blogger. Labels in Blogger are used to organize the content, such as blog posts. ‘Title’ refers to either a topic or a subject. The platform on which the blog’s author does his or her writing and then posts it to the blog.

Labels are primarily for the benefit of your site’s users, not search engines. Sorting the right content with the right labels makes it simple for your visitors to find exactly what they’re looking for.

If you’re a food blogger, you might write a piece about “how to prepare a burger” and organise it using three labels: “cooking,” “oven,” and “burger.” You’ve just started a new post on “how to make pizza” and you’ve categorised it as “fried pan, pizza, and cooking.” The label cooking consists of following posts, so if your readers are interested in learning more about cooking, they’ll click on that label.

To your blog’s visitors, labels are like the related post widget. They make it easier for them to find the content they’re looking for on your blog.

Why Labels Are Very Important In Blogger

Labels assist us in categorising the content on our blog. In addition, being content topic wise does not require a lot of time to attract the target audience. Because of this, labels are essential for both visitors and blog admins.

Blogger label

  • Labels are useful for organizing the main topic of a blog into sub-topics.
  • Blog posts can be split into categories based on their content. By categorising posts according to their particular topic, readers save time by not having to search for the post of their interest.
  • Labels can be used to group items together.
  • Labels make it simple to navigate across a blog.
  • Labels make it simple to organise and manage blog content.
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What you need to know about the Blogger label

Here is a list of things to keep in mind while using labels in Blogger.

  • Do not over-label your single post (not more than two or three labels).
  • The label should be simple and concise.
  • A maximum of three words per label is required. Never use a label that has no posts under it. Instead of a space, use a dash “-” in the label (label page URL optimization).
  • Before you start creating new labels, double-check the ones that already exist.
  • Avoid using the same label again.

How to Add Labels to a Blogger Post in Step-by-Step Detail

Labels In Blogger


Step No. 1:

By going to, you can log in with your Google account.

Step No. 2:

The Blog Customized Dashboard will now appear in your browser window. In this section, you will see a list of all the different sorts of posts you have published or drafted. To edit a specific post from this page, simply click on the post title.

Step No. 3:

This Post Editor will now be in front of you when you have completed this procedure. On the right-hand side of the screen, select Labels from the Post Settings menu.

Step No. 4:

When the label box opens, you’ll see it. The topic of your post should be typed in the label box if you’re referring to something related to your post. Also, use a comma to separate multiple subjects when typing.

Step No. 5:

After you’ve finished adding the labels, you can make changes to this post by clicking on the “Update” button located above.

How to use labels in the menu bar

blooger labels
Image source: Google images

A great idea is to add labels to your navigation menu in the same way that you have categories.

If you know the correct spelling of your label, you can manually put it in rather than having to click on one of your post labels at the bottom of your published post and copy the link.

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It’s important to keep in mind that the URL label’s case-sensitivity means it must match exactly how it appears in the post’s labels section. 

You can create a navigation bar with labels by linking to an external file using the pages gadget in Layout.

Format of Blogger Label link to copy: or

How to Insert Labels into Blogger’s Sidebar

  • You must first visit your blog’s homepage.
  • On the main page, to the left, you’ll see an option labelled Layout; click there to access it.
  • The layout displays all your blog’s widgets. You have to choose where to position your widget.
  • For example, let’s say you’re interested in adding a widget to your site’s sidebar. Here, you may select Add a Gadget to your setup.
  • To proceed, select this option, you should see a new page load up in front of you.
  • In order to proceed, please locate the label inside this page and click it.
  • There’s a new window open where you may set your labels for sorting and display.
  • Once you’ve finished editing your labels, click the “Save” button so they appear in the Blogger sidebar.

How To Get The Url Of A Blogger Page With The Labels

A post page displays the labels that apply to the post. There is a link to these labels at the bottom of the post pages. To obtain the Blogger label URL, simply click the label in the post and then copy the label URL from the browser’s address bar.

How to Delete Labels in Blogger

If you have some labels that have wrong spellings, or if you want to delete duplicate labels to make it easier for readers to navigate across your content. You may rapidly remove various post labels from your blog by using the “Edit Posts” page in Blogger.

  1. To use the dashboard menu, you must first log into your account. The titles of the blogs that you have created are displayed on this page.
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2. Select “Edit Posts” from the drop-down menu next to the title of the blog from which you wish to remove specific labels. This page contains a list of all of the posts that you have written up to that point. The labels that have been assigned to each post are displayed in green text next to the titles of the individual posts. To make the list longer, use a number greater than “25” in the “Posts per Page” section of the “Posts per Page” setting.

3. Select each post from which you want to remove a label by checking the box next to it.

4. To access the “Label Actions” drop-down menu above the post list, select “Label Actions.” A section marked “Remove Label” can be found towards the bottom of the menu. The section displays all of the labels that were associated with the posts that you selected.

5. Select the label that you want to remove from the list. Blogspot provides a confirmation message such as “Label (name)” has been deleted from posts.” Continue in this manner until you have deleted all of the labels that you no longer require.

Types of labels used by bloggers: important factors

  • Please limit your posts to no more than three labels.
  • Categorize your content by using appropriate labels.
  • Never create or add labels that have nothing in them to label.
  • Labels should not contain more than three words.


In this article, you learnt the importance of labels in Blogger and how to add them to a Blogger post. We trust that you will find this guide informative.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What happens when you add a label?

Ans: Labels help you organise your posts by category, which in turn makes for a better overall user experience.

2. How do you create a label?

Ans: Open the blog post you want to label, and then publish it while including your keyword in the label field. A new label will be generated for you.

3. What exactly are the labels for?

Ans: The label feature of blogs allows you to create a personalized navigation bar.

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