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What Is Truecaller Open Doors App and How It Works [New Launched App 2022]

Truecaller Open Doors App


All of us are familiar with TrueCaller’s app. With the help of this app, We can identify the person calling from the unknown number. TrueCaller has released its Open Doors app on July 13, 2022. In addition, TrueCaller stated that this app is a secure live audio calling app. Stockholm and India collaborated on the development of this app. Open Doors app is completely free to download and use. Google Play and Apple’s App Store both provide this app for free.

Users of Truecaller can sign in to this app with only a single tap. Those who do not use Truecaller can still log in to Open Doors using their phone number.

What is Truecaller Open Doors?

Image Credits: Truecaller

Open Doors is a new app that enables secure, real-time communication between people around the world. Owner and developer of this app is True Software Scandinavia AB (the same company that makes Truecaller). Which provides the world’s most accurate and reliable caller ID and spam prevention service. Open Doors is a free app that is available worldwide, works seamlessly on both iOS and Android devices, and was designed with the user’s privacy and comfort goal in mind. The main office of True Software Scandinavia AB is in Stockholm, Sweden. Alan Mamedi and Nami Jarringhalam set up the company in 2009.

How Truecaller Open Doors App Works?

Image Credits: Truecaller

Opening an account with Open Doors is a simple process. You can sign in with only one tap if you’re already a Truecaller user. If you are not already a user of Truecaller your phone number will be validated through a missed call or a one-time password

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Only two permissions are required: contacts (so that Open Doors can be shared or connected with others in your contacts who also have Open Doors) and phone permission (required to have audio conversations). The participants in the conversation cannot see each other’s phone numbers.

Open Doors puts you in complete command of your data at all times. A chat can be started and ended at your choice. When they receive a notification or click on a link you share, your friends can join conversations. A total of six languages are currently supported by the app’s interface: English; Hindi; Hindi-Hindi; Spanish; Latin; and French.

When your friend joins the conversation, their friends will also be invited. As a result of the “network effect,” you can quickly attract a big number of people. Keep in mind that the community moderates the conversations, much like Truecaller does. It is impossible for anyone to access them without your knowledge. There should be an atmosphere of inclusion and respect at all times throughout discussions.

We will keep innovating and add additional features to Open Doors based on the feedback we receive from users. A small group of beta testers has already helped shape the app’s future features, which include the ability to create a small circle of contacts (so that those in your contact list who have Open Doors won’t be notified every time you start a conversation), the ability to respond to what others are saying, and finer control over how the app notifies you of new conversations.

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