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What is Vedantu App? Use, Features, Cost, Download

What is Vedantu app


What is Vedantu app, and what are its features? Hello, friends! Vedantu is a great app, and I’ll do my best to cover every aspect of it in this post.

In today’s digital world, everything is constantly being improved. Our way of living has greatly improved and simplified. Almost all of our work can be done from home.

Our education system has also been transformed by the digital world. Children these days spend the lot of time on their mobile devices, which can be a great source of educational information.

It is now possible for students to acquire an excellent education and understand their subject thanks to all these educational apps available on the Internet.

Vedantu is one of those apps, and we’ll learn more about it in this post. Children can study online with Vedantu, a learning app that can be found on the Internet.

What is Vedantu App?

Vedantu is an Indian e-learning platform that provides live online classes. India’s fastest-growing online education app, according to data. In addition to live classes and study materials, students can take advantage of a wide range of educational opportunities, including tests, scholarships, and quizzes. NEET, JEE, IIT, ICSE, CBSE, and other boards are covered in the Vedantu App.

All of the students are trained by the Well Qualified Teacher of India for classes 1 to 12, JEE, NEET, IIT, CBSE, and ICSE Board. By giving the right answers to the questions provided in the Vedantu app, users have the opportunity to not only earn scholarships but also get free education. The primary purpose of this application is to facilitate the students of India’s various social classes in gaining access to educational resources.

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Along with Byju’s App, WhiteHat JR, the Udemy App, and the Unacademy platform, the Vedantu app is performing outstanding work in the field of education.

When Vedantu App was launched

Founded in 2011, the Vedantu App was released in October 2014 on the Online Tutoring Platform.

Co-founders Saurabh Saksena (Co-Founder, Prominent Educationist), Vamsi Krishna (Co-Founder, CEO), Pulkit Jain (Co-Founder, Product Head) and Anand Prakash (Co-Founder, CEO) are the four friends from IIT who run Vedantu today.

How to use Vedantu App?

Vedantu App
Vedantu App

You must to download and install Vedantu App from the Play store in order to use it. When you start the Vedantu App once it has been installed, you are requested for permissions such as access to your device’s location. It’s up to you to get to it. Your location is protected by Vedantu’s privacy policy, so you don’t have to worry about this permission. You can read its policy to your satisfaction.

After that, you’ll be requested to provide your mobile number in order to register or log in to the app. In no time at all, an OTP will be produced and you will need to input that OTP to validate it; after you do so, you’ll be sent to the main screen of the Vedantu App.

Benefits of using Vedantu app

  • Vedantu offers live lessons, so you can ask any questions you have at any time.
  • In Vedantu, all of the teachers are highly qualified, and they will help you along the way.
  • If you are unable to attend a live class for any reason, you can still access it later. You will not be charged for this service.
  • You can also earn a scholarship by answering a few questions.
  • There are also quizzes in between the live classes, which keeps the students engaged and motivated to read.
  • In this app, all of the children’s questions are answered, and notes and quizzes are also provided for each subject.
  • This programme has also been updated to include other activities for children’s mental growth, such as Turbo, Photography, Coding, and Rocket Pro.
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Features of Vedantu App

There are a number of options available on the home screen of the Vedantu App.

  1. Join Courses for free
  2. Quick access
  3. Attend live classes
  4. Lectures with Live Quiz
  5. Micro courses – Topic wise
  6. Study materials
  7. Test

1. Join Courses for free

This app has a feature that allows you to join courses for free, allowing you to pursue your education at no cost. When you click on it, you’ll be presented with the following goal:

Maharashtra Board

After selecting your board among these, this app will display the relevant information about it. The button to enrol will appear when you’ve selected the course you want to take. Upon completion of this step, you will be prompted to input your email address and then touch the “Let me in” option. You will only be signed up for a while after completing this step, and you will then receive a welcome note. After that, you’ll be able to attend live classes related with your board at your convenience and finish your assignments.

2. Quick access

One more benefit of the Vedantu app is the ability to quickly access your favourite content. In order to save you time and effort, the following functionalities have been included.

3. Attend live classes

Live lessons are available in Vedantu. You can attend any class through Attend live classes. You also get past class details when you access this area. You must tap on that class for live class information, then you’ll be given the following details:

Which subject’s class will you get?
Who will teach you that subject?
What time is your class going to start?
How long will your class be?

4. Lectures with Live Quiz

A Live Quiz feature is available in the vedantu app during lectures. As a result of this, when the live class begins, you will be presented with a series of quizzes and assignments.

5. Micro courses – Topic wise

Micro courses – Topic wise feature is very good, in this you get huge discount with every course. If seen, it is a small course like a course of a chapter. Its course price is very low, due to which everyone can buy it and do their studies.

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6. Study material

After enrolling, you’ll see a study option in the menu below; when you click on it, you’ll have access to your class and board’s study materials for each topic. You must read the notes if you want to understand them. Once opened, you can perform a search by entering in any of the topics related to the one you’ve selected.

7. Test

When you tap the Test option at the bottom of the main menu, you’ll see a sectioned-off version of the test.

All – Here you’ll find a list of currently running Live Contests, and you can take the exam by clicking on the Attempt now button.

Attempted – In this section, you’ll find a list of tests you’ve attempted, as well as the scores you’ve achieved.

How to download Vedantu app

Vedantu App is a famous Learning App in India, this App will be easily available to you in Play Store. Vedantu App has more than 10 million installations.

  • Open Play Store first.
  • Search Vedantu and install the app.

How to become a teacher in Vedantu

Steps to becoming a Vedantu teacher

  • Click here first: – Here
  • Click aplay now.
  • Fill out the form and click submit.
  • Vedantu will call you and explain what to do.

What is the cost of Vedantu app?

If we talk about cost, it depends on which class you study and which course you buy.

You will get the information about Fee on the official website of vedantu.

What Is the Aim Of Vedantu Team

The aim is to make quality education accessible and affordable for all students in India. We have used all our learnings through concept teaching in millions of Live classes and asynchronously captured all the core concept teaching,” said Krishna.

What is vedantus customer care number

Toll Free: 1800-120-456-456
Mobile: +91 988-660-2456


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