The Best Data Science Certifications to Earn in 2024

The Best Data Science Certifications to Earn in 2024

Qualifying for the top-rated data science jobs demands the most skill-infused data science credential. While an exponential increase in the demand for senior data scientists, there is tough competition for top data science talent. Earning a data science qualification brings a worthy edge over your competitors. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reveals the demand and job openings for data science professionals will rise by 35%, offering around 17000 openings each year. This is why data science courses can help elevate your career graph manifold.

Recent Data Growth:

The 120 zettabytes generated in 2023 are expected to increase by over 150% in 2025; hitting 181 zettabytes (Statista). The amount of data created, captured, copied, and consumed globally has risen at an alarming rate. This has brought the magical skills of senior data scientists in the spotlight; highlighting their key role in making sense of this large number base.

Data science industry recent statistics: (Source: Statista, Accenture Technology Vision)

  • Big data market size for 2030 is expected to reach USD 745.15 billion
  • Approximately 60% of 116 surveyed businesses last year indicated they were leveraging data to drive innovation
  • 95% of global executives committed to the necessity of new data architectures and strategies to guide business change
  • Innovative technologies such as Artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT, blockchain, and data analytics are reshaping the big data landscape

Are Data Science Certifications Worth?

Yes, an external certification in data science is worthy as it can help you deal with data better and more efficiently. These provide a quick validation of your hard-earned data science skills. These credentialling offer an instant boost to your portfolio, crush the competition, and make you a quick pick in front of your next employer. This is why it is highly advised to enroll yourself in credible data science certifications that are valued by global recruiters and resonate best with your data science career goals. These are customized programs designed to keep you updated on the recent and future happenings in the data science industry worldwide.


Beginner Data science job roles: Junior Data scientist, Full Stack developer, Machine learning engineer

Salary expectation (Glassdoor): USD 109,667 pa with added cash compensation of USD 25,295

Recruiter’s Choice Data science certifications: 


A capstone project offered by IBM that targets simulating a realistic use case as the learners assume themselves to be data scientists working for an imaginary competitor of SpaceX. The tasks involve making predictions to make informed decisions for their company against SpaceX. It is a beginner’s program that expects no prior experience in handling data.

  • USDSI® Certified Data Science Professional (CDSP™)

One of the most sought-after beginner’s data science certifications CDSP™ is offered by a globally recognized institution United States Data Science Institute (USDSI®). They are the pioneers in providing holistic expertise in data science while attending to the most relevant and futuristic data science skills. World-class curriculum, self-paced or instructor-led, group or individual, skills in data mining, ML, and business competence with real-world skills contribute to this top data science certification’s success.


Intermediate Data science job roles: Senior data scientist, Project leader, Data science consultant

Salary expectation (ZipRecruiter): USD 122,738 pa with exclusive bonus and commissions

Recruiter’s Choice Data science certifications:

  • USDSI® Certified Lead Data Scientist (CLDS™)

Pivot into the realm of data science amplification with the most nuanced courseware from USDSI®. Flexi payments, and world-class futuristic data science skills, with mastery in NLP, ML, deep learning, data analytics, text analytics, and more are served at CLDS™. The good news is that all of this and more is at your disposal with no mandate for programming competence.


These target individuals working with data analytics technologies and tools on the AWS platform. Data collection, data storage, data management processing analysis, and visualization are the key takeaways from this program. It requires 2 years of practical training in AWS services and data analytics technologies.


Specialist Data Science job roles: Principal Data scientist, Research scientist, Business Intelligence Analyst

Salary expectation ( USD 249,129- USD 307,221 pa

Recruiter’s Choice Data science certifications:

  • USDSI® Certified Senior Data Scientist (CSDS™)

Senior data scientist leadership roles open wide with a salary boost of over 40% with the highly trusted and ranking credential in data science. CSDS™ is an ultimate mix of skills and employability. eLearning study material with HD video content, convenient commitment to course completion, anytime anywhere access, and coupled with no programming skills mandate. Easy enrolment and examination policy allows you easy access to a lifelong digitally shareable credential that is etched in your career trajectory. Super-Ed discounts make it an even more attractive option to enroll in the most trusted data science course worldwide.


Building and designing data processing systems, optimizing machine learning models, and beyond is possible with this credential. It demands skills in ML, statistics, and data modeling.

What data science recruiters are looking for?

To become a high-earning senior data scientist; it is advised to gain competence that is par excellence and lands you a preferred role. Global industry recruiters are looking for technical proficiency in Python, R, SQL, and other programming languages. Adding to the list, they are looking for professionals trained in mathematics, machine learning, business acumen, problem-solving, communication, and collaboration skillsets. You must be a driven data science professional to carve your niche in the data science industry worldwide.


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